This page updates the text of walks in the 2011 edition of Kenilworth and Beyond Country Walks.

As things can change in the countryside quite quickly we have a policy of updating major corrections on our website. 



2011 Edition of Kenilworth and Beyond Country Walks - Updates



Oct 2012: Please note that the bridge across the fields from Point 1 was damaged by a falling tree but has been repaired by the Group. (see photos).




April 2013: Unfortunately, the Cock Horse has closed and the land is up for sale with planning permission for a private house. At the moment (April 2013) it is still possible to park there but this can only be temporary.

Alternative starting places (and parking) are either:

1) The Church Car Park at Rowington. Point 9. This is opposite the Church on the other side of the road or

2) Along the road at Shrewley. Around points 11 and 12. It is usually possible to park here in the vicinity of the Parish Hall. 


University of Warwick and Crackley

January 2013: Part of the walk has now been upgraded to a Bridle Path mainly to provide a cycle route between the University and Kenilworth.

Amended description.

First paragraph. Last line. The walk can be followed as described but just before the footbridge there is now a new and better track on the left going to Cryfield Grange Road. The description is then valid (although there is a track rather than a footpath) up to point 4. The steps have now been taken away so go up the slope on the left and turn right along the Greenway as described.

Other routes, not in book


Warwick (near A46)

The diversion of WB3 has now been confirmed.  Where the existing path from Middle Woodloes reaches the A46 instead of crossing over the road at that point it now turns right along the hedge line until it reaches the underpass. 


If you encounter problems or difficulties of one of the walks described in our book Kenilworth and Beyond we would be grateful to hear from you. Click here for our contact details.