Prehistory of Bubbenhall

If you are taking a walk around Bubbenhall on Smith's Concrete territory, you might be aware (or not) that the pits at Wood Farm, Waverley Wood and Ryton Pools have yielded incredibly important archaeological remains, notably the oldest humanoid artefact (probably from Homo heidelbergensis [Heidelberg Man] dating back c. 500,000 years . These were probably the earliest humans to enter Europe - from West Asia. Making Bubbenhall, with Boxgrove in Sussex, the oldest known occurrence of Homo spp. in Britain and probably in Europe. Their remains - andesitic (from the Lake District) handaxes - are displayed in Warwick Museum.

These quarries have yielded important geological and archaeological finds which have provided evidence of major climate changes and human habitation during Warwickshire’s  Ice Age past. To read more go to