British Heart Foundation says 'no kissing, just hard CPR'


Recovery Position training video pre 2005. St John Ambulance Community First Responder

Installation of the Connect2 Bridge over the Coventry Road, Kenilworth earlier in September 2011.

With thanks to CLM, WCC and Sustrans.

Originally shown at the KFPG Christmas Party, here is our 2010 yearbook presentation

Brian Nicol of the KFPG talks of the evolution of the groups book of walks from the first edition of “Kenilworth Footpaths” published in Jubilee Year 1977 through to the current re-print of the fifth edition “Kenilworth and Beyond” published in 2011. The mayor of Kenilworth Councillor Susan V. Howell then talks about the KFPG and the service it delivers to the community.

KFPG install a kissing gate near Rowington Church March '09.

Film shows five members of the group replacing a stile with kissing gate,

plus installation of bench constructed from materials recovered from the stile. 


KFPG working party June 2007; improves access to footbridge across Inchford Brook, Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth.

The film shows some of the work involved in the removal of a stile and replacement with a kissing gate. 

The film ends with a view of the completed works, including kissing gate, easy access footbridge, bench and flight of steps.


KFPG install a wooden kissing gate in Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth. April '06