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  • 12 May 2013
festival 2013

The KFPG supported the Kenilworth Festival for the forth year.

Thanks to all those who braved the rain and manned the stall and to all the visitors to the show.

Pictured: Brian and John setting up the stall - minus the missing banner ! 


  • 20 May 2012
festival 2012

The group was present for the third year at the 'Kenilworth Festival - Party in the Park'  on Sunday 20th May.  This year our stall benefitted from having our splendid new banner to display.  As usual there was a lot of interest and we sold quite a few books and gave out lots of leaflets.


Pictured  Clive Taylor and Tony Cartwright this years organisers.

Photo Nicolini Gilbert.

  • 20 Sept 2011
New Kenilworth Cycle bridge 

Official Opening Ceremony of Connect2 Bridge and route - Coventry Road, Kenilworth at 12:00 prompt 29/09/2011‏


  • 19 Jan 2011

KFPG's revised book of walks published.

The book has clear full colour maps and descriptions of 22 circular walks of between 1Ĺ to 8 miles.

Indicated short cuts suggest additional possibilities.

Try before you buy!

Click here for a sample walk from this book.


  • 05 December 2010

Originally shown at the KFPG Christmas Party, here is our 2010 yearbook presentation:   Yearbook 2010 opens in a new_page

  • 22 Nov 2010

Connect2 Summary Project Plan for the footbridge across the Coventry Road, Kenilworth published by WCC.

To view follow the hyper-link below (opens new window).


  • 04 June 2010
We've refreshed our notice board at Kenilworth Castle with our new information sheet and a copy of our Civic Award  certificate. Our notice board can be found near to the Brays Car Park,  Kenilworth castle at the start of the Millennium Trail.
  • 16 May 2010
Thanks to  all of the visitors to our stall at the Kenilworth Festival. It was a pleasure to meet so many people with an interest in walking and the work we complete.  We hope your enjoyed you time at the festival as much as we did.
  • 23rd March 2010

We are very pleased to report that at the Warwick Civic Awards 2010 Ceremony on Tuesday 23rd March our Group won one of the two top Awards in the Environment section against some twelve or so other nominees. The citation drew particular attention to the splendid condition of the paths in our area, the length of time we have been operating and our excellent walks book. So we have a Certificate that we can display on our notice board at the Brays Car Park, near Kenilworth Castle and a trophy that we can show off at the Kenilworth Festival in May . In the short term they will both be displayed in the window of Town and Country Furniture at Abbey End.
  • 08 February 2010
Whist installing a waymarker we suffered an incident at St Johnís Church, Westwood Heath Road, Coventry. This was due to a gas pipe buried less than 12 inches below the surface of the ground, which we cut just after 11:00 We immediately called the police, fire brigade and Transco. All three services attended within minutes with two fire engines, three police cars and a Transco representative. The road was closed to all traffic due to the fire risk posed by the leaking gas. We had to wait for almost two hours for Transco to arrive with a pipe repair team. Unfortunately the church was holding a funeral at 13:30 which we didnít want to be responsible for delaying. As the time got nearer to 13:00 Ian suggested we went and found somewhere warm to hide to have lunch. Which we did. We were relieved to find on our return at 13:30ish the road had been reopened, the police and fire brigade had left the scene, and the funeral had gone ahead without delay. Transco completed the repair to the gas pipe. Before they left the scene they assured us that it was an accident which could happen to anyone.
  • 11 February 2009

In February the Group suffered a sad blow with the death of Archie James through cancer.

Archie was a long time member of the Group and of the Committee. He was a particularly active member volunteering both to organise practical work and to demonstrate how tasks could be competently carried out. With his wife Rose he also organised our Xmas party and other social events which were also much appreciated. He will be much missed and our sympathies go to Rose and other members of his family.

  • 12 September 2008 

Ramblers' delight as footpaths get some TLC More

News Archive  
  • 21st December 2007

New footpath and bridleway waymarkers will begin to appear in 2008. More

  • 14th December 2007

Boost for walkers and cyclists as Kenilworth wins share of £50m payout. More

  • 07th December 2007

Team looks after 100 miles of footpaths. The next time you walk down a perfectly manicured footpath in and around Kenilworth consider the efforts of volunteers... More


  • 21st October 2007

Walk R is now stile free! With substitution of a gate for a stile and the installation of a bridge gate between points 9 and 10, Walk R is now fully accessible. This is in accordance with Group and County policy of opening up rights of way to the less agile walker


  • 28th September 2007

Footpath group become engineers for the day to take on flood work. More

  • 28 September 2007

£50m footpath and cycle route upgrades hang on a TV vote. More

  • 30-May-2007

A joint KFPG/ACWA Working Party installed two gates. More

  • 21-Mar-2007

A joint Working Party of KFPG & ACWA & WCC installed two new kissing gates. More

  • 18 July 2006

Celebrations for new footpath. More