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Conservation in a quarry at the edge of The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club

On Tuesday 21st February, a working party of conservation geologists under the guidance of Ian Fenwick & Martyn Bradley, met at the Golf Club compound. Taken by tractor and trailer to the disused quarry at the edge of the golf course, Ian described the vertical rock face (Bromsgrove Sandstone). We spent the morning removing the rubbish from the bottom and loading it into two trailers. There were iron posts, corrugated sheets, timber and large panels of carpet, which were quite difficult to move.

This is a newly designated RIGS site and we left with a feeling of satisfaction that other geologists, members of golf clubs and passing walkers would be grateful for our efforts. The only regret the writer had was that he did not retrieve any golf balls!!

Colin Stevens

RIGS - Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Site