Kenilworth and Beyond published January 2011

by the Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group

only 4.80



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Reviews and Comments:


Stuart Ikeringill,

Countryside Recreation Manager,

Warwickshire CC

'A great buy for less than 5, Kenilworth and Beyond Country Walks is the essential guide to the countryside around Kenilworth and Warwick.

The attractive walks between 1 and 8 miles are diligently researched and maintained by Warwickshire's longest standing footpath volunteer group. The clear colour maps and easy to follow instructions add to the countryside experience.

The paths are continuously being worked by the group and improvements and a wealth of information can be from on the web at'

Craig Williams,

Information Officer Countryside Recreation,

Warwickshire CC

'Congratulations on an excellent job, one of the best walking publications I have seen.
All the best.'

From "Walker"

a Ramblers Association publication

'Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group have produced a delectable new book of 20 circular pub walks from 1 to 8 or more miles. 

The KFPG is justly praised for its maintenance of the Kenilworth footpath network, and has excelled itself in this fine production. 

The meticulous waymarking of the paths within its domain is matched by the comprehensive walk directions laid out in the book. And the colourful maps, with inset photos of places of interest, are the perfect stimuli to the wannnabe virtual rambler.'

A.W. Metcalf
'Can I say how much we appreciate the new issue of Kenilworth Walks, this is a great book for visitors. We have done all the walks over the years and we really do appreciate the work done by the KFPG'
David Moffatt
via e-mail
'A little while ago we bought the book of Kenilworth walks. I have used a lot of walking guide books both in this country and abroad, and being a walker who has turned getting lost into a way of life I am pretty discerning when it comes to the quality of walk notes. On that basis I must congratulate the producers of the Kenilworth walks book. My wife and I have walked about half of them and been hugely impressed by the quality of the notes. Directions are very clear and full of the kind of helpful markers to watch out for that someone like me needs. The layout is excellent and the maps give a very good presentation of the walk to the extent that I sometimes even break  my rule of always having the OS map with me  no matter what notes I have.'